Everyone knows that the spinnaker gives the fastest sail performance for a yacht on off-wind courses and up to approx. 70 degrees on the wind.

The spinnaker is an absolute must for the regatta sailor, but even nowadays, many cruising sailors seldom use it.

Especially in light wind conditions, it is the relatively heavy cruising and charter yachts which could most benefit from the power of the spinnaker. But all too often the motor is started and the spi stays in the sack.

WHY ? The reason is that the classical symmetrical spinnaker has the reputation for not being the most manageable of sails. The development of the spi sock has mead the spi easier to handle, especially for small crews, but the setting of the spinnaker pole remains.

The Blister or MPS, the asymmetrical spinnaker, is an alternative.


The asymmetrical spinnaker was developed about 20 years ago by a number of sailmakers and was given a range of names accordingly. Thus, the asymmetrical spinnaker may be called a cruising chute, blister, splister, gennaker, etc.
At Rolly Tasker Sails we refer to this all-round sail as a Multi Purpose Spinnaker or MPS.

We have three basic designs :

Radial Head, Tri-Radial and Starcut.

The Starcut is generally a flatter cut and can be used for more reaching courses.

The Radial Head and the Tri-Radial are fuller cuts and, with their wider shoulders, can be flown well for more downwind courses like a traditional spinnaker, but with the advantage of not having to use a spi pole. In dead downwind courses or with a swell one can also use a pole to stabilise the sail.

The Tri-Radial MPS is a real all-round spinnaker, with a sailing range from 70 to 180 degrees. From fairly onwind courses to broad reaches to downwind, the sail can easily be trimmed, giving an optimal performance, comfort and speed.


Especially in areas like the Mediterranean, with its often light summer winds, the joys of spinnaker sailing should not be missed !